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Owning a Mercedes is a status symbol for any automotive enthusiast. Mercedes is ranked high as a premium luxury car by Car and Driver. But despite the hype, you don’t have to be lavishly wealthy to buy a Mercedes.

With the right parts, a bit of mechanical knowledge, and a knack for a good deal you can buy a used Mercedes and fix it up for cheap. Check out this guide to find out the best way to get yourself a cheap Mercedes.

Where to Buy a Mercedes

Your ticket to obtaining the Mercedes Benz of your dreams that doesn’t break the bank is to find a cheap used Mercedes. Try perusing various social media sites, such as Facebook Marketplace, or go with the tried and true Craigslist.

There are also many automotive resale websites to check out as well as local dealerships. One of your best bets may be a used car auction. Sometimes local or state police departments will auction off impounded vehicles.

Other times you can seek out auctions that sell repossessed property. You can get lucky at an auction and get an awesome car in great condition for a huge discount price.

Salvage Titles for Mechanics

If you are the mechanically inclined type, you have many more options. These include building or refurbishing your own Mercedes. Your cheapest option may be to pursue a vehicle with a salvage title.

This means that your vehicle will be a fixer-upper and has been totaled in the past. Make sure to know what you are getting into when purchasing a vehicle with a salvage title. 

You will need extensive mechanical knowledge, some great parts, and a whole bunch of time to get your car fixed up. If you don’t think you are up for the challenge you may want to look for a vehicle in better condition.

The better the condition, the lower the mileage, and the newer the year, the more expensive your Mercedes will be. Some models are also more expensive than others so do a bit of research to see what is most affordable.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance 

Buying and rebuilding your Mercedes is only half the battle. You also need to make sure that you stay on top of regular maintenance to prolong the life of your vehicle. 

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to maintenance. Mercedes are notoriously expensive to repair so the less yours breaks down the better off your bank account will look in the long run.

Build or Buy a Cheap Mercedes

No matter whether you build or buy a Mercedes, there are options out there that allow you to do it for cheap. Don’t spend a fortune on a new car when you can do a bit of research and find a steal of a deal.

Buy a used Mercedes Benz today, they are great cars that will give you years of enjoyment. Then contact us for all of your parts and equipment needs to keep it in tip-top shape.