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Mercedes repair and maintenance costs can be expensive. It’s a simple reality about the vehicles that fans and detractors alike need to accept if we’re to have a real conversation about them. 

At AutoHub, we don’t make our love of Mercedes-Benz a secret but even we know nobody wants to spend big fixing up their cars. Lucky for you, we’re also professionals when it comes to maintaining a Mercedes on a budget. 

Regular Maintenance Is Cheaper Maintenance

To use a simple metaphor, it’s easier to fix a cracked dam than a burst one. The same holds true with car repair. Regular maintenance is the key to delaying. sometimes indefinitely, far more expensive repairs.

There’s plenty of good advice online about how to maintain a vehicle, including this guide from Allstate. While Mercedes have their unique quirks like any brand, most of the general advice you find about vehicle maintenance will still hold true.

Two tips we think bear emphasizing are checking your fluids and getting regular checkups. 

Check Your Fluids

Checking a car’s fluids is easy to do on one’s own but many people, at least those who aren’t gearheads, do it infrequently (if at all). This is a big problem because failure to keep your oil up and your engine cooled can degrade a like-new vehicle to a clunker in no time.

It only takes a few minutes to check your fluids, so do it once a month or even once a week. If any of your fluids are low, top them off! It costs far less than ruining your engine or getting into an accident thanks to unresponsive brakes. 

Regular Checkups

Not everything is as easy for a layperson to check as your fluid levels. This is why getting your car checked on by a professional can be a big help too. 

Many cars come with recommended maintenance schedules to help determine when a checkup would be a good idea. Often two schedules are given, one for normal use and one for light use.

As a general rule, a user can expect a checkup to do some good at least every twelve months, and more often every six months. Remember to care more about more than your oil too; your car has more points of failure than that!

Saving on Mercedes Repairs

Even the best car will experience a parts failure at some point and that’s where we come in. With the help of AutoHub, you can source reliable, used Mercedes-Benz parts at a great price point, 

There’s no reason to spend big, sometimes with long wait times, just to get a part that will be just as good used and much cheaper. Here at AutoHub, we care about our customers and are experts in sourcing good parts at better prices. 

If you’re curious about anything we have on offer or otherwise would like more information, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have and help make sure your Mercedes repair is as simple and affordable as it can be!