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By shopping smart, you can save anywhere from 50 to 75% on the parts needed for your automobile. There are some important factors to remember, however, when looking into used auto parts.

If you don’t keep these things in mind, the savings you find might not be worth it. You could run into some serious problems and end up spending even more money than you hoped for.

Find out what you should look for, what to keep in mind, and how to avoid any problems when shopping for used parts.

1. What Parts to Always Double-Check

Certain parts are much safer to buy used than others. There is a selection that should only be purchased from a trusted and reputable source:

  • Airbags
  • Brake mechanisms
  • Electronic Sensors
  • Safety Belts

There are others, such as various wiring and filters, but these four are the major items that you want to buy used only from trusted and recognized used part retailers. It is an extreme safety risk to obtain any of these items second hand from a non-reputable store.

2. A History Lesson

You should always have access to the history of any part you are interested in purchasing. This is especially important if the price point seems much lower than you would expect to pay.

This price difference can be indicative of something problematic, and you need to assure that anything you are paying for isn’t a wasted investment.

3. Understanding What Is Too Used

Even on the parts that are completely fine to purchase used, there is a limit. Sometimes things are simply too used up for it to make sense to invest in them. 

You will have the upfront savings, but then in a month or two, there will be the need to replace them again or, at the very least, do repairs. Because of that, any time and money once saved will now be wasted.

It is important to have a clear idea of lifespan on particular items, mileage on tires, for example. By having a sense of these details ahead of time, you can determine if the purchase is “too used” or not.

4. Playing Detective

 It is important that you ask questions both about the part itself and to try and get the best part that is available. The idea may seem awkward at first, but you are well within your rights to get a clear picture and to get the best price.

Haggling is especially normal at something like a wrecking yard where aftermarket parts are far less regulated. You are working with the same information as the ones running the yard. That said if you find a quality part know that this is better than getting a cheap part and that it won’t be around for long so take the best quality part over price always.

5. Shopping Small

Shopping close, shopping small, and shopping in person will make the entire process much easier, but if the parts that you need can’t be found in person make sure you buy from a well-reviewed and trustworthy online store. Not only that, it will have the added benefit of supporting a smaller store. Large stores are working for the good of the brand, which benefits the brand.

Because of this, they often will mark up for convenience and pray on the needs of a potentially anxious customer. A small store will offer personalized service and offer a clear cut experience.

By shopping smaller, you have an easier time tracing the history of the part. 

Online stores, like ours, that are trusted and well-reviewed, will be easier to deal with when it comes to warranties and return policies as well.

Using Used Auto Parts to Keep the Car on the Road

Looking over the benefits of doing the detective work and shopping around for the used auto parts that you need, it is obvious that the effort is worth it. If you are looking for specific needs and want some experts to help, reach out to Autohub today!